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Package Manager not working

Hi, I am using Prom 6.8 on my secure (no internet access) virtual machine which is running Java version 8, build 161. When I try to load the package manager to install more plug-ins nothing happens. I have an installation of ProM 6.8 also on my laptop and this works fine. Has anybody experienced the same thing, any pointers of how to handle this would be very appreciated. 
I am reluctant to reinstall ProM as I am working from home with little technical support and it is crucial I have a copy of ProM on my virtual machine so I can submit my PhD in the next couple of months.


  • Hi,

    If you have no internet access, then the Package Manager cannot download and install packages (unless you're running a local web server with a package repository or things like that). The Package Manager will not work if it cannot access the package repository.

    Assuming that your laptop is a similar system (like 64 bit Windows), then what you could do is to copy your packages folder from the laptop to the virtual machine. The typical location for the packages folder for ProM 6.8 is in the .ProM68 folder in your home folder. Perhaps you can copy this folder from the laptop onto some USB key, and then from the USB key to the virtual machine.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Eric, sorry I did not see your reply until now. Thank you for your advise, I gave up so I will try again now.
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