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How can I use statechart generate sequence diagram

Hello everyone, I have a software eventlog,Now I want to find a sequence diagram from it using start chart plug-in. I have try to adjust parameter in the "Log Hierarchy"panel,but still can’t get the right result,I guess the event log is not layered correctly.I think the packages should contain classes,and classes contain methods(in my event log metnod is event).And the sequence diagram should contain object,and the relationships between objects which can be represent by methods between them.I want to find it.What's the problem? My event log contains attrebutes as follow: case (a case is an excution of the software ) event (which is methods in source code) software:classobject software:callerclassobject software:class software:callerclass software:callerpackage software:starttimenano software:package software:endtimenano software:callermethod Thank you in advance. TangYahui


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