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How can I download and install the Statechart workbench?

I have read"Statechart ProM Plugin – User Manual",where said that I have two way can download it,one view,which I can not understand what it says,the other I can download it from prom package manager,which I cant find it from my package the way ,I use prom 6.7. Can anybody help me? Tang


  • Hi,

    In ProM 6.7, you need to install the Statechart package using the ProM Package Manager. I would advice to use ProM 6.9, as this contains the latest released versions of all plugins. In ProM 6.9, the Statechart package is also auto-installed.

    You can also download the noghtly Build, which is an archive that you can unpack, and that contains two batch (script) files: ProM.bat (.sh) and PackageManager.bat (.sh). You can then run ProM using the ProM.bat file and/or the Package Manager using the PackageManager.bat file. The Nightly Build uses the latest versions of the packages.

    Kind regards,

  • Thank you Eric. Firstly,I download the nightly build,which PackageManager.bat (.sh)can run,but ProM.bat can not.I dont know where package has been downloaded,because when I open prom 6.7,it still dont have the plugin I want.So I download prom 6.9,which finally runs and I successfully use the plug in. Hope my feedback can help more people.
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