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Where do I find the Change Mining Plug-in


    I'm trying to find some plugins cited in the paper "Using Process Mining to Learn from Process Changes in Evolutionary Systems" but I didn't find on my installation of PROM. There is a place where I can found all the plugins available for PROM? 

Kind regards,


  • Hello Denise,

    An overview of the plugins that are available in th elatest release of ProM (ProM 6.9) can be found on

    However, this will not help you in finding the Change Mining plugin. To run this plugin, you need to use ProM 5.2, which can be download from

    The publication you mention dates from 2008. The first release of the ProM 6 series came only later (in 2010). Not all plugins from ProM 5.2 were rewritten for the ProM 6 series. For these plugin, you still need ProM 5.2.

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks for the answer... I will install ProM 5.2 to test the plugin... Do you know if there is a list of plugins for version 5.2 like the one for the latest version? I'm looking for all papers related to concept drift, some of them are older and have ProM implementations... Probably I will have to check the plugins in different versions.

    Thanks in advance. 
  • Hi,

    For the plugins in ProM 5.2 you can check the five .ini files that come with it. I guess the analysis.ini is the most interesting for you, as this file lists the analysis plugins in ProM 5.2.

    Kind regards,
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