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Trying to execute ProM from Eclipse

edited February 2020 in - Development

I have followed the instructions from here:
Afterwards the project displays several errors, all of which are associated with import statements( and therefore lack of library jars). How can I resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hio,

    Please install the IvyDE add-on in Eclipse.

    ProM relies on Ivy to resolve dependencies between different packages. If one package depends on another package, then it is Ivy who downloads the other package. If you do not have Ivy,then the other package will not be downloaded, and all containing classes will be missing. IvyDE is an add-on to Eclipse that enables Ivy in Eclipse projects.

    Kind regards,
  • I have already installed IvyDe but there doesn't seem to be an ivy.xml file( no option to resolve dependencies when right-clicking on the ProM project in eclipse)
  • Hi,

    Which project did you use? Please do not use the ProM project. That project is only used for the Nightly Builds. You could use the ProM-Plugins project instead. That should work, that uses Ivy.

    Apologies if the documentation is not entirely up-to-date.

    Kind regards,
  • Thank you for your help and appreciate the immediate response time! So instead of checking out from "" , where should I checkout from?

  • Hi,

    In general, if you want to check out a package named ABC, then you can check it our from In this respect, the four framework projects (ProM-Framework, ProM-Contexts, ProM-Models, and ProM-Plugings) act as packages as well.

    Note that if you want to work on a certain topic, and if that topic has a dedicated package, then it may be better to check out that package. For example, if you wan tto work on the Alpha Miner, it woudl be better to check out

    Kind regards,

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