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Error while performing graph layout at [14(22)]: syntax error


I am running prom 5.2 on Linux Mint 19.2. I have installed graphviz and I am trying to open a product data model file from the examples that come with Prom. After opening the file I get the following error:

"Error while performing graph layout at [14(22)]: syntax error"

Does anyone have any idea how to solve it?

Thank you in advance!


  • Hello,

    Please check the dot file that is being parsed using your favorite text editor. My guess is that on line 14, position 22, a keyword starts or something of that kind.

    Please note that ProM 5.2 has been discontinued, and that we do not offer any support on it.

    Kind regards,
  • The particular point in the file, mentioned in the error log, is an intermediary point of a keyword, not its start/end. Also, I should mention that the same xml file is opened correctly when using ProM 5.2 in windows.

    I realize that my issue is associated  non-supported version of ProM so I would like to thank you for even answering my question. The problem is that I am currently reading an article (Product Based Workflow Support) which uses functionality that, to my knowledge, is not availble in Prom 6.

  • Hi,

    If it works on Windows, but not on Linux, I guess your Linux system has another dot executable somewhere. You can try 'which dot' to check which dot is actually used if you execute dot without any path information. Possible, ProM uses a wrong version of dot, one that happens to be on your system.

    Kind regards,
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