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txt to xes conversion

Hello, I actually have a similar problem with
I have tried to use PROM on alarm data to detect interrelated alarms.  At first, I gave each alarm as a single case but I want to give them together since they happened in a certain period of time.  Now I have different numbers of alarms in specific window size and it looks like as below. How can I convert this to xes file? Thank you in advance.
Case1 a b c d 
Case2 c d
Case3 e f g l n m z
Case4 a b e f h
and so on 


  • Hi,

    If possible, rewrite the file as follows:

    If you save this file as a CSV file, then ProM can import that file and convert it to XES. Otherwise, you would need to rewrite the file to XES immediately.

    As-is, ProM cannot read your file and convert it to XES.

    Kind regards,

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