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Process Discovery question

I'm new to the concept of process mining. If I have understood correctly, Process Discovery identifies an underlying process model from an event log found in various programs. Is there a way to get an overview of all processes in a particular system? For example, the events log consists of all the transactions in an ERP system. The goal is to get a chart, which displays all the processes found.


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    Something which is key in process mining is the notion of a case. This notion allows process mining to group related events together. As an example, in a hospital log, the notion of a case could be the patient. However, for such a log, the notion could also be a single treatment of a patient, or a doctor. Depending on what you consider to be the case, process mining will result in different process models: The process of a patient if quite different from the process of a doctor.

    Fort his reason, an IEEE XES event log may contain a number of so-called event classifiers. Two events are related by a classifier if that classifiers on these events result in the same class value. In the hospital example mentioned earlier, the classifier could be the name of the patient, or the name of the doctor. Clearly, the choice of the classifier determines the process that will be mined.

    Current process discovery techniques typically take a single classifier, and result in the process discovered for that classifier. There are no techniques yet that take all classifiers into account, and produce an entire collection of process models like you mention.

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  • Thank you very much!

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