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conformance analysis

Hello PM community
I want to ask for help with the conformance checking. I learned from the tutorial video on how to do conformance analysis (Future Learn): first, create a Petri net with Inductive Miner and replay the event logs on the Petri net. with this approach, I can check the fitness of the alignment. However, when I read the instruction from,  I found more information provided, some of which are very within my interest like Failed Log Events and Simple Behavioral Appropriateness and so on. there seems to be a plugin called Conformance Checker. but I can't find it in the Package management. I get confused now. Is there anyone who could help me? how can I obtain the results as described in the website? thanks. 


  • HI,

    The instruction you mention uses ProM 5.2. This particular plugin has not been ported from ProM 5.2 to ProM 6, so it is not available in ProM 6. ProM 6 contains some other plugin to compute fitness, precision, generalization, and simplicity metrics. Please see for an overview of all plugins in the latest release, ProM 6.9.

    Kind regards,

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