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Metric Measures Conformance Checker ProM

i'm a electronic engineering and telecommunications student and i'm doing my thesis about Process Mining. For my thesis i'm using the version 5.2 of ProM and i need to calculate the fitness, precision and simplicity since Conformance Checker analysis. Before get the results of the analysis i have to choose wich metric measures select. 

To calculate the Precision i know that exist two, the 'simple behaviour appropriateness' and the 'advanced behavioral appropriateness' but i don't know which one should i use. And behind the Simplicity i know that exists two too, the 'simple structural appropriateness' and the 'advanced structural appropriateness'. I tried to see the result of both, but the results are totally different and I don't know which one is the right one.

Anyone please tell me wich right metric can i use for both? and the conditions for the use?


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