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Any way to download non compliant traces.


Is there any way to download only the traces which doesn't comply,  as a new log during a "compliance check using replay"


  • Dear,

    Yes, you can do this. After the replay (I used "Replay a Log on Petri Net for Conformance Analysis"), the replay result is visualized. This include an Inspector in the top right corner. First, go to the Filter tab. There, select the Aggregated Alignment Statistics, and select Trace Fitness as Filter criteria, and set the Min, and Max. value both to 1. The select the button Filter out alignments outside of range. Only fitting traces are now selected. Second, go to the Export tab, select Export, and select Export shown case as new Log. Provide a name for the new log, and select the OK button. The log is added to your workspace, and the default visualizer is used to visualize it. From the workspace, you can then export to file if you like.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Eric!

    Thanks a lot for your response ! This is very useful !!!

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