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Package for Log Summary Plugin

edited November 2019 in ProM 6
Hello Guys, 
I would like to use the Plugin "Log Summary" in my code. Unfortunately, I don't know how to find the package, in which this plugin resides.
Below is an image of the Plugin.

Thank you.

pa1.png 41.5K


  • hverbeek
    edited November 2019
    (Removed a duplicate reponse).
  • Hi,

    The Log Summary visualizer resides in the LogDialog package.

    An overview of in which packages plugins reside can be found on, but you need to be aware that his visualizer is called "Log Visualizer" (and not "Log Summary").

    Also, if you are running a release or a nightly build, then the name of the package is typically added in parentheses to the plug-in name, like "Log Visualizer (LogDialog)".

    Kind regards,

  • Thank you @hverbeek
    This plugin link is very helpful.

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