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Highlighting log only moves in graphical view during conformance checking

Hi is there any plugin which shows log only moves as an new path petri net graphical display ? I have to currently to view it from trace checking


  • Hi,

    As the log only moves have no effect on the Petri net, what kind of path would you like to see in that Petri net? For this reason, the typical view only highlights the places that are involve din markings where such moves occur (they are colored yellow, and the bigger they are, the more such moves there are).

    I know that the Inductive Visual Miner can show such moves using self-reference arcs (arcs with same source as target, select to show path and deviations to see these), but this miner can only do so on the Petri net it has discovered itself. You cannot provide it with an arbitrary Petri net and show these moves.

    Kind regards,

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