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How to convert xml log to xes

Hey all,

I find some logs in
These logs contain lots of grouped traces. This is different from XES log and MXML log.
I want to load these logs both in the framework of ProM 5 (LogReader) and Prom 6 (XLog).
I tried to load them by ProM 6.9, but failed.

So, is there a way to convert them to XES log? Or, is there a plugin for loading these logs?

Thanks in advance.


Si-Yuan Jing


  • Hi,

    I have convertted the XML log to XES log and MXML log by programming.
    The XES log works well. However, the MXML log can not be loaded correctly.

    The debug information and the log content are attached below.
    Can anybody tell me where is wrong? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Si-Yuan Jing,

    Could you please replace on line 12 the "description" attribute of the ProcessInstance by an "id" attribute? The problem is that the process instance has no name.

    having said that, please also be aware that we're now talking ProM 5 code, which is no longer supported. The ProM 5 code repository also does not really exists anymore, so in general it is hard to answer questions on this code.

    Kind regards,
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