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A Chain of Plugins

I need to implement a plugin that has some interactions with user between its blocks. for better comprehension look at this flow chart below:

inside each rectangle, a piece of code exists which it does some particular work. each diamond has interaction with user(for example it can be a dialog).
how can i do this?


  • Hi,

    You can create a wizard which has a number of steps which is unknown at the beginning. Base don the decisions made by the user so far, you can extend the wizard by some dialogs. Downside is that everything needs to be done in the wizard, which includes the visualization of any intermediate results (like the results of step 2, for example).

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Eric, Thanks for your reply.
    The wizard you mentioned is exactly what I want. But I don't know how to implement it inside a plugin. Would you please send me some code examples of prom plugins (or tutorial) as hint to do so?
    I have watched your workshop videos(2012) and checked your workshop spoiler codes, there was no sign of this type of usage.
    Each function at class WorkshopMiningPlugin only returns model.

  • Hi Mustafa,

    As an example wizard, you could have a look at the wizard for the Transition System Miner: see This one uses a flexible number of dialogs (steps).

    Kind regards,

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