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How to convert XES logs to MXML logs using ProM 6.8 ?


Recently, I started using ProM5.2 because some plugins are not in ProM6.8, but ProM5.2 can only import files in MXML format. 

Firstly, is there a plug-in in ProM6.8 that can convert XES files to MXML files, because I remember that exists, but I didn't find it. Who knows the name of the plug-in and where can I find it?

Secondly, the installation method of ProM5.2 is not the same as ProM6.8, just need to install the software on the line, do not need to install the plug-in separately? Is that right?

This is the two main problems I have encountered, I hope to get help, thank you very much.

Ethan Zhang.


  • I just knew that the Disco can also convert file formats.
  • Dear Ethan Zhang,

    You can simply import a XES log file, and export the imported log to a MXML file. There is no conversion required between the two, the imported object can be directly exported to MXML.

    Kind regards,
  • @hverbeek

    It turned out to be like this, thank you very much, Eric.
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