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Understanding "Record Invoice Receipt"

Good morning everybody,

I know the BPI challenge is over but I am still using this dataset for my Bachelor's thesis. 
So I hope you guys could help me out for the following question :)

What is the exact difference between "Vendor creates Invoice (VCI)" and "Record Invoice Receipt (RIR)"
For me it sounds like that VCI is just a notification that the vendor is currently creating an invoice but it is not "arrived" yet...

RIR seams more meaningful, since it is only then handed over to the receiving company, which is recording it eventually.

Is that thought correct or would you see it differently? 

Then I was also confused by the discussion that an "Invoice Receipt" is always a receipt of a payment that is already been conducted.... But for this dataset I interpreted that "clear Invoice" is where the payment is done...

I would really appreciate your support.
Thanks in advance

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