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Problem trying to make an event stream (.evst) live to apply discovery techniques

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    I'm trying to reproduce the experiment about concept drift described on paper "Event stream-based process discovery using abstract representations" ( I was able to use different miner adapted from stream context (Alpha, Heuristics, Inductive) only using a complete log and converting into a stream by Generate Event Stream plugin. In this case, the miners receive the packets sent by the stream and I can obtain the process model.

    The problem occurs if I try to import an event stream directly (Static Event Stream - .evst file), even if I apply the Generate Event Stream (Static Event Stream) plugin to make the stream "live" and start the flow, the miner didn't receive any packet.

The print from the .evst converted into a live stream by applying  Generate Event Stream (Static Event Stream) plugin (I have already pressed the play button):

The print from Alpha Miner, showing no packets were received:

The .evst file is available on
I have used the .evst from Experiment 4.

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