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Plugin Process Tree Editor

There was a plugin called "Start Process Tree Editor Beginner" in a previous version of ProM. I have now ProM 6.8 with all plugins installed but I cannot find this one anymore. The documentation for this plugin is this:

<a href="" title="Link:"></a> <br>
Does anyone know where I can find this plugin and how to install it?


  • Hi,

    The plugin is still there, see also for an overview of all plugins in ProM 6.8.

    You might be looking for it in the wrong place, though. For some reason, this editor is a batch plugin (cogwheel symbol) instead of an interactive plugin (dialog symbol). Batch plugins are listed below the interactive plugins, so you might have to scroll down to find it.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Eric, thank you - I must have been blind. Best regards, Andreas
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