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The remap filter in prom5.0

   I want to use the remap filter.But I meet some question....
   Each of my event names is a sentence,different sentences may discribe the same thing.
   For example,if the sentence contain "coding",I may remap it to the word "CODE" as my new activity name.
   How can I accomplish it use the remap filter?
   I have saw and try regular expression syntax rules,but it doesn't work.


  • Dear Tang Yahui,

    I'm sorry, but we do not use ProM 5 anymore for development.

    Given the fact that your example is quite specific, it may be best to create a new plug-in that uses the exact mapping you want. But I would do this in ProM 6, not in ProM 5.

    Kind regards,

  • Dear Eric,

    According to your advice,I have written the code to complete my needs.

    Kind regards,

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