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unable to debug and modify other people’s package

I'm try to use the L2Me: Log to Model Explorer plugin in TraceMatching Package.  I want to improve the plugin, so I want to see the effect of the plugin running after modifying the code. My ProM is 6.8,jdk is1.8.

However,I found that I modify the code of this plugin, the plugin was not refreshed in ProM.

My steps are as follows:
1. I am modifying or deleting the plugin's code in eclipse,save and run it by clicking the ProM with UITopia (TraceMatching).launch file.
2. In the ProM, I import event log file, and choose  the 'L2Me: Log to Model Explorer plugin'.
3. Compare with modified and unmodified code,I found the result the same.
I guess the ProM is not calling the L2ME plugin in local eclipse,but calling the L2ME plugin in local ProM,which is running by clicking the ProM with UITopia in elipese.

So, is there any way to see how the plugin works after other people’s the package of plugin has modified? Must I create my own package? But, Now, I just want to improve other people's packages.

How can I solve this problen?

Best regards.


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