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BPMN to Yawl

Hello everyone, I am making a tool for my software project, I need to convert BPMN to Yawl net, 
what plugin of prom recommend to convert BPMN to
YAWL and where can I find the code? I am using prom 6.5.1 to check my solution. Thank you


  • Hi,

    I'm afraid there is no plug-in yet that converts BPMN to YAWL. Apparently, nobody has needed such a conversion so far.

    The only plug-in that I can find that converts to YAWL is a plug-in that takes a process tree as input. But then you would need to convert from BPMN to a process tree first, which is not trivial. You can convert BPMN to a Petri net, but than you would stil lneed to convert it to a process tree... also not trivial.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi, i read your post where you says this:
    ¨Perhaps you can convert an BPMN or EPC model first to a Petri net (or YAWL model), and to generate the log from that Petri net (or YAWL model).¨
    How i can do it?
    or, how i can to converts petri net to Yawl net?
    If you provides me some information about it, i apreciates.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Ronal,

    At the time of writing that post, I was not aware that such a plug-in did not exist yet. I assumed it did, but it seems not.

    ProM 5.2 includes a conversion from BPMN to YAWL, see for the sources or for a publication on this. But whether you can use this conversion, I do not know.

    This conversion has not been ported yet to ProM 6. If you really need it, you may want to port it yourself?

    Kind regards,

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