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Extend my process model using rescource perspective

Hello everyone,
 I wonder if there are some plugins in prom or other tools  that can add resource perspective(social net) to control-flow perspective(petri net) ,I mean combine them into one model.
 I want to extend my process model using rescource perspective.
 Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance.


  • I have noticed that there are four plug-ins in prom associated with social net.The different between them is outputs are "WT,SC,ST,RA.HOW".What are the differents between them?and I want some latest reference...
  • The difference is that they create different types of social networks:
    • WT = Working-Together: Who are working together on cases?
    • SC = Subcontracting: Who is subcontracting tasks to whom?
    • ST = Similar-Task: Who are performing similar tasks?
    • RA = Reassignment: Who is reassigning tasks to whom?
    • HOW = Handover of Work: Who is handing over cases to whom?
    The work on social network miner is not new. Please see for a preprint of a publication on this. The actual publication has DOI 10.1007/s10606-005-9005-9.

  • Hi hverbeek,
      I generated  a event log by myself,then use prom5.2 mine social net ,but an error has occurred:"This log file does not have originator information,so it cannot be mined".But I have add an"resource"attribute on my event log.So where is the error?
      My event log looks like this:( This is a .csv file, I use prom6.7 convert it to a .mxml file so prom5.2 can handel it.):

    1.jpg 63.3K
  • Hi,

    Please make sure that in the MXML file the "resource" attribute ends up as the "Originator" attribute, as this is the attribute that is used for the resource in MXML. If it ends up in the MXML file as the "resource" attribute, then the ProM 5.2 importer will not recognize the attribute as the resource attribute.

    While converting the CSV to XES< please use the "Show Expert Configuration" to open the expert configuration, which allows you to set the attribute names. Please replace "resource" by "Originator".

    Kind regards,
  • Eric:
      Thank you.
      I have solved the question with you help.
      Kind regards,
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