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Pattern Abstractions plug-in not found

I just installed proM 6.8 for Linux. Unfortunately the Pattern Abstractions plug-in is not found. I don't understand why because it is actually up to date according to the Package Manager. Now it is the 6.7 version. Does it mean I should use Prom 6.7 instead?
Thank you


  • Hi,

    The Pattern Abstractions plug-in is still there in ProM 6.8, but it is now a visualizer plug-in for event logs. If you have an even tlog in your workspace, and visualize it, then you can change the visualizer to the "Pattern Abstractions (New)" visualizer, see the screenshot below.

    Kind regards,

  • Ok Eric, but what kind of format should I use ? Currently I put a csv and I don't see this visualizer (only view csv and Process Tree). Well, I could have asked a more general question: my source file is a pcap. What is the best strategy to visualize patterns?

  • You should have an event log in your workspace. You can start with a CSV file, but when imported, you need to convert that into an event log using the "Convert CSV to XES" plug-in.
    I'm sorry, but I do not know what a "pcap" is, and I do not have an answer to your last question. Visualizing patterns is not my 'cup of tea'.

    Kind regards,

  • Hum... maybe the best way is to connect proM to a database using XESame.
    Thank you Eric.
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