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Some questions about the trace clustering plug-in!

I am looking for some plug-ins for trace clustering, there are two plug-ins i have found from some papers in the“trace clustering plug-in” and "Trace Clustering & Configuration Mining plug-in". However, i can't found these two plug-ins in my ProM 6.8 Package Manager. Isn't all the plug-ins in it?

And the RunnerUpPackages doesn't include all the plugins, right? Beceuse i only install the RunnerUpPackages .

In addition, i also found a plug-in about trace clustering in ProM 6.8, named "Test Trace Clustering Result". I don't know if it has the same functionality as the two plugins I mentioned earlier, but I still tried with it. However, there was a problem, and finally it was stuck in the running interface, and the result could not be obtained. I waited for a few hours and tried it many times, always like the one shown on the last picture.

Can you tell me what is going on with this problem, and some questions about the track clustering plug-ins?

Thanks in advance.

Ethan Zhang.


  • Hi,

    Possibly, the papers you have found on relate to ProM 5.2 or earlier. Not all plug-ins from ProM 5.2 are in the later ProM 6 releases, as we simply did not have time for that.

    Yes, indeed, if you install RunnerUpPackages, then not all packages are installed. You can install these uninstalled packages using the Package Manager. I would advice not to run ProM and the Package Manager at the same time.

    ProM 6.8 contains the ActiTraC plug-in, which can be used to cluster traces. See for details on this trace clusterer.

    Kind regards,

  • @hverbeek
    Hi Eric,

    I have tried the ActiTraT plug-in, it is very helpful for me. Thank you very much.

    And as for some plug-ins from ProM 5.2 that are not imported into ProM 6, i found a plug-in named "ProM 5" in the ProM 6.8 Package Manager, what is the plug-in. Is it that I installed it, the plug-ins in ProM 5 will come to ProM 6.8, or I have to install ProM 5.2 on another computer.

    Thanks again!

    Ethan Zhang.
  • Hi Ethan,

    ProM5 is a package, that contains some legacy ProM 5.2 code that is used by some ProM 6 plug-ins, but it does not contain everything from ProM 5.2.

    If you want to use the ProM 5.2 plug-ins, best is to install ProM 5.2. Note that ProM 5.2 cannot import XES logs, you need to convert XES logs to MXML logs using ProM 6 first.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi,Eric.

    I am very fortunate to get you so quick reply, now I understand, thank you very much for your help.@hverbeek
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