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Using Replay a log on Petri Net for Conformance Analysis plugin

Hi everyone, 

I have tried to use "Replay a log on Petri Net for Conformance Analysis" plugin to check the alignment between some logs and models. Each name of events in the log exactly matches the name of the corresponds transition in the Petri net. The replay result when - I visualized it by using Project Alignment to Log (PNetReplayer) - shows that Cases replayed, in STATS FORM RELIABLE ALIGNMENTS, are 0. Also, all alignments are not reliable. Any ideas why is this happen?  :#



  • Hi,

    The most likely explanation for this is that your model does not allow you to reach the final marking from the initial marking.

    One of the requirements on an alignment is that it forms an executable path in the model from the initial marking to the final marking. If no such path exists, the alignment is called unreliable.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your response. :)
    You’re definitely correct. The models were not sound and there were deadlocks.

    Kind regards
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