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Generating a log file with equal timestamps


I have a csv file in which some events have equal timestamps for the same process instance.. For instance, A and B are recorded at the same timestamp. However, A is executed first and then B but B is executed automatically. In the same file there is data about the sequence of execution. So in the sequence it is mentioned that A has the sequence 1 and B has the sequence 2. Do you have any suggestions to generate the log file taking into consideration the sequence in addition to the timestamp..



  • Hi Nour,

    I would load the CSV file into Excel, sort all rows on the sequence, and then sort them on the timestamp. Whichever has the lower sequence on the same timestamp should then precede the other.

    Of course, you could also develop a ProM plug-in for this, but why?

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Eric 

    thank you for your response :) the file I have is already sorted on the sequence (per case). These are three rows of the excel, as you can see the timestamp of A and B are equal however, when i generate the log file B appears before A!! 

    4   A 01/10/2018 14:56:17
    5   B  01/10/2018 14:56:17
    6   C   01/11/2018 14:14:15

    Do you have any suggestion to solve this?

    Best regards
  • Hi Nour,

    Which version of ProM did you use? I gues syou first import the CSV file, and then convert it to XES using Felix's plug-in, right? I tried this in ProM Lite 1.2 and the Nightly Build, but both keep the correct order between A and B. So, I'm a bit puzzled here...

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