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ProM Lite 1.2 not running

Hello friends
I've installed ProM Lite 1.2 and after installation when I click on the icon, one picture is shown that the name of contributors and revision number is written on it. After fading the picture the, nothing runs!!! Even in my Task Manager, I don't see ProM name!
My OS is windows 10.
Please help me with this problem. It's 2 days that I'm dealing with this problem and no results are achieved!


  • See also my post on your other question.

    If ProM fails to start, it is best to try to start ProM from a command prompt, as this allows ProM to provide diagnostic information. Using this information, we could check what the problem is. It could very well be that ProM is incompatible with the version of Java you have installed.

    Kind regards,

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