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TraceMatching plugin cannot be found in ProM.

Hi all,

I try to use the TraceMatching plugin in ProM, but after I imported the log in the xes file format,I cannot found the TraceMatching in Action View. However, ProM Package Management has installed  the TraceMatching plugin. As the picture shows.

My Prom version is 6.8, JDK is 1.8. Prom and  ProM Package Management run successfully. I have deleted the packages.xml file and redownloaded the package of ProM Package Management. but it not work.

I am researching the TraceMatching algorithm, I am very anxious to use this plugin. Thank you very much for your answer.



  • HI Duan,

    There is no plug-in that is called "tracematching". Please visit which provides you with the list of plug-ins in ProM 6.8, and in which package they are implemented. If you search for "TraceMatching" in this page, you will be able to see all plug-ins implemented in the TraceMatching package. Perhaps you want to run the "Matching Framework" plug-in?

    Kind regards,


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