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BPMN to Petri net covertor tools

I need a plugin or tool to convert my BPMN models of "BPMN Miner" plugin output to Petri Net model .

can anyone guild me to find such tools?

thanks in advance


  • Hi Zarahimi,
    using the Prom-tool, you can search for plugins that take a certein input and have a certain output:
    1. Open the "Actions" window (the one with the "Play"-symbol, where you cuose the "BPMN-Miner".
    2. Click on the Input on the right and select the BPMN-Diagram to convert.
    3. On the output-side, click on "Click to add an output object". Then pick the "Petri net" (do not pick "PetriNet", you won't find a suitable tool). Now click "select".
    4. In the middle, there are plug-ins highlited that can do what you intend. The green ones do not need any other inputs apart from the BPMN-diagram.

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