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unable to run file

Hello Team,

I am trying to run via terminal, it throws an error saying : /usr/bin/java : No such file or directory.
I believe I need to put java in the mentioned directory. Can anyone please guide me on how can I put java in the mentioned directory, or any other workaround which will work.
I have java 8 installed in my system (Ubuntu 16.04).


  • @hverbeek :  Please help
  • Hi,

    There is no need to have Java installed in that specific directory. What wonders me is why your Ubuntu installation throws this error.

    If I'm correct, then the script just calls "java", which means it leaves it to Ubuntu to find a version of Java in the current path. Invoking the command "which java" should tell you where Ubuntu finds a version of Java. Apparently, this is "/usr/bin/java", but this does not exist so how does Ubuntu find it?

    If your copy of the script happens to call "/usr/bin/java" instead of just "java" (typically, around line 25), please replace "/usr/bin/java" with "java".

    Kind regards,

  • Hi @hverbeek,

    "which java"
    command tells me that version of java is in usr/bin/java.

    But in the above location I can see link to executable file.

    I can try replacing "/usr/bin/java" with "java". Kindly let me know the steps to do that for which I will be grateful.

  • Hi,

    It seems that your Ubuntu has a problem. The java link in your /usr/bin directory seems to point nowhere. Try to execute "java -version" in some command shell, it should give you the same error. If you go to the /usr/bin directory, and execute "ls -l java", then you should see where the link is currently pointing to. My guess is that the file it is pointing to does not exist on your system, and that you need to update this java link.

    Kind regards,

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