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Problem in conversion from Heuristic net to Petri net

edited July 2010 in ProM5
Dear all,
I'm having some problems understanding the result of the conversion from Heuristc net to Petri net.
Consider the simple example log [1] and use the Heuristics Miner on it, you will obtain a model where the first two activities are, correctly, in loop. Now convert this network into a Petri net. I'm not sure the new model represents the same process. For example, in the Petri net, there is a place (the starting one, I guess) that has no connection. Even if this place is connected to the transition A, I think it's not the same process. I'm using ProM 5.2.

I'm not sure it's a bug, maybe I'm just missing something...Thank you in advance for your interest

[1] <a href=""></a>
Andrea Burattin, PhD student
Process Mining Group
<span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: "Calibri","sans-serif";">Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics University of Padua, Italy


  • hverbeek
    edited July 2010
    Dear Andrea,

    The problem is that the Heuristic net does not have a clear start activity. The "Add Artificial Start Task Filter" has been build to get around these problems. If you apply this filter to the log, the Petri net will look fine. Please note that this Petri net contains an invisible (displayed black) transition. The original Petri net you obtained also started out with a number of invisible transitions, but these have been reduced away as they were redundant. Unfortunately, this leaves you with the impression that it would have connected the start place to transition A, but this is not the case: The Petri net would have resembled the enclosed Petri net.

    <img height="660" width="510" alt="Encloded Petri net" src="/forum/uploads/Java Printing.jpg" />

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