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Hi there,
I have a question about debugging alpha miner. When I debug the program and put some break points, it seems that the ProM which is called, work independently of source code and break points after some stem in ProM do not activate.

Thanks in advance


  • Hi Roshana,

    This depends a bit on how you are running ProM. I assume you're running ProM from Eclipse, right? And that you have checke dout the AlphaMiner package and run it from there, thorugh the "ProM with UITopia (AlphaMiner).launch" file, right?

    If so, it may help to run the Package Manager first, and to uninstall the AlphaMiner package. Then run ProM again and check whether the breakpoints now work.

    As a result of have the AlphaMiner installed, there are two version sof the Alpa Miner in ther ProM landscape: a first in the AlphaMiner package that you have checked out, a second in the installed AlphaMiner package. If then for some reason ProM uses the second, setting breakpoints in the first will not work. Removing the second version of the AlphaMIner should then solve the issue.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your useful guidance.

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