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Missing packages

edited October 2018 in - Development
I checked out ProM as decribed here:
I can't start it because there are several errors. Nearly all import statements are invalid, i.e.
import org.processmining.framework.util.HTMLToString;


  • Hi Erich,

    That's an old page, please use instead. Most likely, you need to install the IvyDE add-on (to resolve dependencies) in Eclipse, and check out a package instead of the framework.

    Kind regards,


  • I don't want to contribute. I just want to develop my own Plug-In.
  • Hi Erich,

    To develop a new plug-in (even without contributing), please use instead.

    Nowadays, ProM uses Ivy to resolve dependencies on libraries. Your Eclipse needs support for that. Installing IvyDE will help.

    You can develop your plug-in in any package, just check out a package and add your plug-in to that package.

    Kind regards,


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