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How to define a case attribute in XES?

I use the plugin "Convert CSV to XES" in ProM-Lite 1.2. In my CSV I have a number of case-level attributes. These have the same values in each row of a given case. When converting my CSV to XES, how can I tell the plugin that it should treat attribute xy as a case-level attribute?

I have tried the "Show Expert Configuration" dialogue in the "Convert CSV to XES" plugin but I'm confused. Whatever I assign to the row "XES Extension" within this dialogue gets ignored in the converted XES-file and also in subsequent plugins.

Any ideas?



  • Hi Frank,

    I tried several tools and did not find available ones which can solve the question. I will transfer your question to my colleagues and see if they know some tools which can help you.
    Guangming Li
    PhD student in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Dear Frank, there is currently no such option in the converter. One way of doing this in ProM is to ensure that the attribute was a consistent value across the case (so it is in fact a case level attribute) and then there is a plug-in 'Move trace level attributes ...'
  • Thanks Felix!
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