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Varying Output of ProM-plugin

I am currently developing my own ProM-plugin. The Output should be Petri-nets, but the amount of Petrinets changes with the input. Is it possible to write a Plugin that varies with the Output, so that there might be for example 2 Petrinets or 4 Petrinets?

I already tried solving the problem with a Petrinetlist, but then I have just 1 object and i found no way to split this object to the petrinets again


Marcel Mutz


  • Hi Marcel,

    You could use an AcceptingPetriNetArray as output, That seems to satisfy your requirements. See the AcceptingPetriNet package for details.

    An accepting Petri net is just a Petri net with an explicit initial marking and an explicit collection of final markings. A Petri net can typically be converted into an accepting Petri net using a "Pack Petri net" plug-in, and an "Unpack Accepting Petri net" takes care of the other direction. The AcceptingPetriNetArray class comes with an importer/exporter file, and with a visualizer.

    Using a generic List (like List<Petrinet>) is not a good idea in ProM. You then need to create a specific class that subclasses a List<Petrinet>. Reason is that at run time the information on the generics (the <Petrinet> part) is not available. As a result, Java cannot distinguish a List<Petrinet> from a List<Marking>.


  • Thanks for the fast reply, I used the AcceptingPetriNets and it worked perfectly!


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