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Convert sound Petri Net to Process Tree

Has there been any research on converting a sound Petri net to a Process Tree? If it's not possible why?


  • Hi,

    To my best knowledge, there are some related works that answer your questions.
    First, you can convert a Petri net to the so-called RPST (refined process structure tree). Note that RPSR is slightly different from the process tree.  Refer to the paper for more detail.
    Then, there is a tool implementation in ProM that named "Generating RPST from Accepting Petri net" that support this transformation.

    Hope it helps.
    All the best,

  • In general, this is not possible. See, for example, the following sound WF net:
    The structure of this net is too complex to be captured by a process tree (given the current set of operator nodes).

    Kind regards,


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