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Transform Log button in Pattern Abstractions Viewer not working


I've been trying to use the transform log button to save the abstractions. After I choose the abstractions , click on the transform log button and mention the path, the button turns orange and nothing else happens. Could you help please?


  • Hi,

    For me, this works OK on a small log. But I guess for a large log this generation of the transformed log could take considerable time. You might be able to check whether the (gzipped event log) file in the path has been created, and is being generated.

    As far as I can check, this generation is executed using the event-dispatch-thread (or EDT). If generation takes a long time, then, as a result, the GUI will be unresponsive while generation is executing.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi,
    I have used the pattern abstractions viewer of ProM V 6.8. The "Transform Log" button works but it produces a file in a binary format that I cannot use. I would have expected an XES file as output.

    Does anyone have the same problem? Is there some kind of user documentation for this plug in?

  • Hi Andreas,

    From the source code, it seems that it outputs a gzipped XES file. The typical extension for this would be either ".xes.gz" or ".xez". If the file has one of these extensions, ProM should be able to import it successfully. Please rename the file, if possible, and try to import the file with ProM again.

    Otherwise, you could unzip the file first, which should result in a (readable, non-binary) XES file.

    Kind regards,
  • It works ... thank you Eric! 
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