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Is there any plugin in PROM 6 for adaptive process?

Hi, I would like to know if is there any plugin in PROM 6 that can be used for combining the adaptive process and process mining. So that the process model can be changed automatically/flexible based on execution logs of the operational processes.


  • Dear,

    This is a very open question, and therefore not easy to answer. It is hard to tell which plug-ins you're after. But given your description, possible the "Repair model" plug-in by Dirk Fahland may fit your purpose. Given a process model and an event log, these plug-ins fix the process model with minimal changes to fit the event log. However, as far as I know, the entire notion of an adaptive process model does not really exists yet in ProM.

    Kind regards,

  • Dear Hverbeek,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will try it and see if it is suitable for my objectives.

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