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Ideal process


1) We are working with the data and try to build the "ideal process" in Celonis. Is it a right direction? In the task description there is no information that some activities could be repeated several times (like "editing" for example). 

2) Also I was thinking to use the timer event during modeling the process (for example, if the payment process takes longer than one year, this process is not ideal). But I'm not sure is it possible in Celonis Conformance modeling part and with our data set.

Thank you in advance!



  • It is absolutely normal for an activity like editing to be executed repeatedly, espescially if it is executed automatically in batch-processing. However, repeating an activity unsually often may indicate an abnormal process instance.

    We are pretty aware what the ideal process should look like. However, if you can assess differences from that ideal process via conformance checking and use this analysis to answer the business questions, that would be very interesting. For instance, if certain deviations from the ideal process would result in an unusual number of objections or changes by the department, that would be a very useful insight.

    I'm sorry I can't tell you if such a kind of analysis is possible in Celonis, as I don't have much experience with this tool.
  • fborchert said:
    We are pretty aware what the ideal process should look like. 
    We have read the task couple of times, but still can't realize there the ideal process is mentioned. Could you give us a hint about this point? Or maybe we should review the data set and consider the most frequency process as ideal one?
  • The ideal or rather "standard" process would pretty much correspond to the most frequent process variant(s).

    Such a process requires little or no manual intervention, e.g., all actions can be executed via batch processing. Some activities could be executed repeatedly, but again, as long as this happens automatically, that's fine.

    An ideal process would also be timely and not reopened (first question).

    Note, however, that process instances with inspection events will probably not appear among the most frequent instances, since only a subset of applications is selected for inspection. Here you would see additional events when compared to the most frequent process variants, which would not per se render the process execution "un-ideal".

    You could also consider other perspectives (resources, timestamps of events) to analyze deviations from the "ideal" process, apart from the simple workflow perspective.

  • thank you!
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