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problem with converting csv file to mxml file using Prom Import framework

edited August 2012 in - ProMimport

When I import the CSV file it says Import was not possible (bad file) How should I convert the file to Mxml format



  • I have the same problem too! :( Anyone can help?
  • I can not Convert to MXML/XES using PromImport and XESame!
    Unfortunately, demo version of Nitro also converts only 3% of the process!
    Anyone can help us? How can we convert Excel, XML, Access Database or CSV files into MXMLor XES?
    Is there any other way much easier than XESame, PromImport or Nitro?

  • nicogsch
    edited September 2012
    Try to use XESame. First at all, you must read the Master Thesis made by J.Buijs. (
    Then you should convert your own csv files.
    The main steps that you need to do:

    1. If you are using Microsoft Excel or any CSV file, you must config the data source on ODBC Data Source Administrator. (
    2. Give all rights to the windows user as Admin.
    3. Open XESame (1.1)
    4. Set the url to database connection: jdbc:odbc:NAME (The name is the same that was created in the first step. It can be different if you are using another DB so you must set the jdbc driver too)
    5. Make the sql to Log, Trace and Event (See the examples)
    6. Set the output location and the format type (XES or MXML)
    7. Execute conversion 
    8. Hands on Prom

    I hope this helps,

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