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ProM Lite 1.2 on Mac

Hi all,
I'm encountering issues installing ProM Lite 1.2 on Mac. I overcome some issues by changing the PROM_USER_FOLDER in the Prom.ini file to an absolute folder /tmp, but now when the app launches and I go to import an .xes file, I get a "No Import plugins available". Please help!



  • All good. I figured it out. Changing the PROM_USER_FOLDER to be blank did the trick. Strangely, this is meant to be the default (blank) but it wasn't in my download. Steps below for those who need some guidance:

    1. Download and uncompress ProM Lite 1.2.
    2. Right-click the application just uncompressed, “ProM-Lite-1.2” and select “Show Package Contents”.
    3. Navigate to Contents->Resources
    4. Right-click the file “ProM.ini” and select Open With->Other…
    5. Locate your Applications folder if not already selected, then locate the application “TextEdit”. Click Open.
    6. Look for "PROM_USER_FOLDER ="  and make sure there is nothing after the = on that line.
    7. Save the changes to the file, and go back to the location of the ProM Lite 1.2 application. Double-click to launch.
    8. This will take a while as it downloads all packages, depending on the internet speed. Mine took about 15min.

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